Nancy Methvin Hughs


Nancy Methvin was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth McKee Methvin of Wilkinson County., Georgia. She was born March 7, 1822 in Wilkinson County, and died December 10, 1904. She married Greenberry Hughs on Novembe 12, 1839, the son of John and Margaret White Hughes.

Greenberry Hughs was the grandson of William Thomas Hughs who came to Georgia from Ireland during the Revolutionary War when he was about 9 years old. He married Mary Ann Childs and came to Wilkinson County, Georgia, where he was Tax Receiver in 1811.

His son, John Hughs married Margaret White and settled about 8 miles southwest of Irwington. John helped organize Bethel Baptist Church and was called to pastor the new church. He served until his death in 1843 as pastor of New Bethel and others churches.

Greenberry Hughs was the oldest son of Rev. John Hughs and was born May 13, 1814. He was ordained a deacon at Bethel and licensed to preach in 1849. Greenberry was employed as the manager of Samuel Beall's merchantile business in Irwinton. He joined the Wilkinson Greys, which served during the Creek Indian War of 1836. Greenberry's horse was shot out from under him and was saved by his employer as the Indians were attacking him.

Soon after the war, Greenberry and Nancy Methvin were married and were able to amass a fortune, plantation and slaves. He soon starting organizing churches and served several years as a minister. During the Civil War, he was appointed by the Inferior Court to investigate the condition of widows and orphans in the county and it was his job to supply them with the necessities of life.

After a short move to Texas in 1871, they returned to their native Georgia, where he served Bluewater Church in Laurens County, then moved to Florida and back to Wilkinson County and Bethel Church. He served there until 1883 and then began distributing Bibles for the Ebenezer Association. He died in 1886.

Children of Nancy METHVIN and Greenberry Hughs were

1) Martha Ann Elizabeth Hughs (Oct 19, 1840-December 25, 1926) married James Morris Beall on April 22, 1862 in Wilkinson Co., Ga. They had James, Green, Mattie, Sallie (Oct 23, 1872-May 22, 1947) and Thomas A. Beall (1883-1958)

2) John Thomas Hughs ( 1842-1875). He served in the 57th Regt, Co. D., Ga Infantry with his cousins, John J. and Thomas Jefferson Methvin.   He married Florence Virginia Stanley.

3) Sarah Ann Hughs, born 1844, married Ira Chambers

4) Margaret White Hughs (1846-1880) married James M. Spears on February 10, 1866 in Wilkinson County.

5) William Jackson Hughs, (1849-1890) married Mamie Ellis and Edith Armstrong.

6) Theodosia Clifford Hughs (1856-1928) married Joseph Richardson, Lorenzo Dow and Robert G. Matthews.

7) Green Davis Hughs (1861-1907) married Julia Binacher.


Greenberry's mother married a Tharpe after the death of John Hughs her first husband. Her will is as follows:

"In the name of God, amen. I, Margaret Tharpe, of the said state and County, being desirous of making a distribution of my property, while in this life, as I know I must shortly depart, do make this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all others heretofore made by me.

Item 1. I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid by my Executor hereinafter mentioned.

Item 2. I give and bequeath to my three sons: Green B. Hughs, (married NANCY METHVIN), Nicholas Whitfield Hughs, (married Elizabeth Freeman), and James T. Hughs, (married Martha McCook Pittman and Sarah E. Parker), an equal portion of my property hereinafter mentioned, for the use and benefit of their children, and to be held in trust by the said Nicholas W. Hughs, Green B. Hughs and James T. Hughs for their benefit, to-wit: A Negro man, Jim, a Negro woman, Prissy, and a Negro girl, Mariah, a boy Jim, and a girl Anna, a girl Mary. The last four named being children of the said Prissy, and all the other children which may be divided in the same manner.

Item 3. I give to my grandson, a Negro Charity to be kept by James T. Hughs, but should he die without children, then my wished is the said Charity and her increase, should revert to the children of my son Green B. and Nicholas W. Hughs and James T. Hughs, to be held in trust for said children as in the Item second.

Item 4. I also give to my three sons, Green B. Hughs, Nicholas W. Hughs, and James T. Hughs, one bed, mattress and bed steads and all the furniture belonging to me and from my estate also two large chests and notes and money, such as I have at my death.

Item 5. I constitute my three sons, Green B. Hughs, Nicholas W. Hughs and James T. Hughs as my Executors to this my last will and testament, this Jan 13, 1858. (signed Margaret Tharpe) Recorded in Minute Book No2, 1856-66, pages 232-233. Probated January 4, 1864, Wilkinson County, Georgia

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