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Welcome to the Methvin/Methven Around the World Webpage.


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Gene Methvin's Speech at Jonesboro


   The purpose of this homepage is  to help all members of the Methvin and Methven families find their heritage and unite them with their particular lines of descent.

We welcome your help in order to make this page as complete as possible.  We want all Methvins and Methvens included, with photos, facts and other genealogical information.  There is no way to insure that all the information on this website is completely accurate, but it is our intention to be as factual as possible.

Thank you for your interest.  Please sign my guestbook on your way out, so that I can know which family you are interested in.   Check back often as information will be constantly added.  Please report any broken links.  All pages are linked from several different pages, so if one doesn't work, please try another.  There is a new feature to the links page.  All articles are listed in order by family or subject.

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Email me  David Methvin Pierce

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Scotland   The land where it all started.  Photos of the castle and some genealogical information

Famous Methvin/Methvens  Links to pages with famous Methvins/Methvens/Methuens including: Henry of Bonnie and Clyde fame, Lord Methven, Lord Methuen, Reverend J.J. Methvin missionary to the Kiowa Indians and Eugene Methvin, author and retired editor of Reader's Digest. 

Family Lines  Where to begin in finding your ancestors. Links to all the different Methvin and Methven families.  If your family is not represented here, your help is needed.

Links to All Pages on This Website   Important page that lists all pages on this website.      

Methvin/Methven Forum    A way to post questions or place information for others to read.

What's New    This page has links to the latest pages placed on this site.  It does NOT however show when new material is added to previously posted pages.

Early Methvin/Methven Records in America  Some records from early America.

Photos  Some photos of Methvins/Methvens tombstones, etc.  If you have photos to add, send them and request that I place them on the website.

Links to Other Methvin and Methven Websites  Links to other websites concerning Methvins and Methvens  

ScottMethvin Chess Painting  Piece of art by our own Scott Methvin.    


If you desire to receive the Methvin/Methven Around the World news e-mail, telling about updates, new articles and photos etc.  please contact me  

This page was last updated on 7/10/2005.

Welcome to Methvin/Methven Around the World. I am currently working on the Nathan Methvin Line. Please send any info on this family that you might have. Thanks, David

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